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Rome and star wars

May the 4th be with you

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Today was supposed to be a sightseeing day but the tour didn't have enough people to start. So I ended wandering I the palentino and the Roman forum. To think that hundreds of years ago people lived in such a magnificent city and had such technology to sustain running free water and to move such big stones is so unbelievable. After taking many pictures and videos I walked into a market and bought ham, cheese, bread. I love walking into a random city ans just experiencing everyday life and the culture. Sometimes it can be a bit annoying not understanding people but to me I think not knowing is a challenge. The open air markets are alot of fun with the colors and aromas, and the merchants yelling out prices and free samples. Alot of the locals come here to do their weekly shopping and alot of the shop keepers know usually what they want. Then there's me asking in english/spanish how much stuff costs and telling them how much I want to buy. I really want to buy the oils and spices and bring them home to cook but I have but one backpack and weight and space is always an issue. So after buying sandwich items I went on to the Spanish steps. After walking alot any moment you can take a break I'd always appreciated. Sitting on the steps and watching everyday life happen is like watching a foreign movie. From the taxi drivers lounging around and some smoking in groups to locals walking in a fast paced to to get to their next destination. After a good break I walked towards the colloseum. Last time I went the side had scaffolding equipment and the side was being washed with hot water and soap to pull out the dirt and show the white behind it all. This time a little bit more had been cleaned and looked fantastic. Walking along side it and walking towards the merchants who try and sell you scarves, tripods, armor, glass memorabilia and a lot other miscellaneous. On the right side by the entrance was a small hill and a great picture spot, but this spot was being occupied by what looked like cinema gear. I investigated and found out that a select few loyal locals had made a May the 4th be with you event. They had a big space fences off and had a Tie Fighter covered up. Now I was interested. I asked the crew and staff what the plan was and they said they were going to show a movie along the side of the colloseum and there was going to be a parade of the 501st rebel regiment. I noticed the weather was becoming chilly. So I took the tram to the hostel to fetch my coat. I was so excited to find such an event and for free. I got to the hostel grabbed my coat, put away the sandwich supplies and headed back out. It was already getting late and the time was around 8pm. I waited for a long time until they turned out the lighting for the Tie Fighter. After a bit longer the parade had arrived alot of the characters from all the movies were all marching in formation towards the display and the staff went ahead and played the imperial March for their welcoming. The group even had a fight scene in front of the whole event and all cheered. After a while longer the staff had to tell everyone that the equipment was malfunctioning and that the movie would not be playing. I didn't mind it was already 1pm and I still had a tram.to catch.

"You have to get lost before you can be found."-Jeff Rasley

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