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The vatican and last night in Rome

Last night at the yellow, and they have burlesque?

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I had a mission today to buy a pendant from the vatican. I went to the bar to get the usual breakfast with irish coffee and saw the girl from france their. Her name is Salomé. She was a sweet girl from Nancy france and had alot of peronality. Their was a language barrier but for whatever she could not say in english she said in French and I translated bit by bit. After breakfast she told me she was headed to the vatican and I told her I was too because the tattoo parlor was near the vatican. She then said we should go together, so I agreed. I walked out of the bar thinking metro times and locations and she walked the opposite way. Confused I asked her where she was headed and she told me it was faster to walk to the vatican. First off fench people walk fast and they also know how to read maps on the run. I thought I was fairly proficient and guiding and finding my way but she made boys outs look bad. We talked alot along the way about culture and how nice italy was. I also asked her about fench culture. Soon we made it close eye ought to were she could go to the vatican and I could go to the parlor. So we said we would meet up again in the bar later on and said goodbye. Last time I went I bought everybody in my family something but myself. So today no matter what I had to buy. Also today I had a tattoo appointment today at Lucky Signs Tattoo with Stefano. About 8 or 9 months ago when we were in italy I emailed a tattoo artist and told him I wanted a tattoo on my leg of an old sailor jerry tattoo called homeward bound. The original lacked color and I didn't want sea gulls. So I had him modify it and I told him to color it which ever way would look good. After paying the deposit and getting there he worked on my leg for 6 hours. The finished product was nothing less that flawless. I could not have asked for a great piece of art. I told him after I would come back to europe soon and he should get another tattoo ready. I emailed him about a week ago and he told me he could get me whenever I wanted on monday. So when I showed up it was like seeing an old friend from long ago. We talked a bit and discussed the design and the font. I also mentioned that I had been over weight and I had stretch marks on my shoulders and it would be hard to tattoo on skin Like that. He said any skin is fine as long as your professional and know how to work on it. After much deliberation he got down to business. Midway his assistant had showed up and I greeted him because I remember him from last time. He told me he did not remember me until I showed him my leg and his eyes grew wide. Apparently my beard makes me look very different. After half and hour, Stefano said for the same price he could shade it red. By now any suggestion a tattoo artist makes is always a great one. I accepted and he Finished shortly. I turned out great and is now healing. In europe tipping is not really weird but different. So when I tipped Stefano he suggested we all go eat lunch. So we walked to the local pizzeria and ate pretty well. After we ate he paid for the whole meal and said that it was fine. He even offered a small cafe but I had to run to the vatican to get the pendant. We said out goodbyes and I told him I would be back....... When I got to the vatican I got my pendant and was set for the day, but I realized I have never been inside the basilica itself. So I had made my mind to wait the hour long line. When I got inside the mood was calm and almost soothing. I took looks of great pictures and let me tell you this place is big. I mean like REALLY big. It took me a good hour to walk the whole thing and pay my respects. I was then off to climb the cupola, which is the dome. You can pay 7 euro wait in line for the elevator. Or pay 5 and walk the insane amount of steps. So I pay my 5 euro and start running like it's a wod. I'm not gonna lie the pizza and biera were all slowing me down now and I got a little out of breath but felt fine after 2 minutes into the climb. Finally I reached the top and had an amazing view of St Pietro square. The air felt great because I worked up a sweat and after a good bit of pictures and breathing I decided to head back down. So me being me, I start to run down. I even recorded some footage of me running down the winding steps. If I was gonna fall, now would be the time. I didn't fall but made it down in record time. I also embarrassed my self because at the exit of the club the stair lead you right back into the basilica in the middle. I quickly headed for the door and started for the tram. When I got to the hostel I took all my laundry and had it done down the road. While waiting I was in my room Un packing and repacking my bag and talking to my roommates. We had a new addition today from the UK. This guy had been traveling for a while and was backpacking very on a whim. After talking for a while I heard my name being called in the window and investigated it was the girl from Ireland. Her name was Laura for Galway. He was also packing up ish because she was leaving tommorow back to ireland. She told me the group from last night was going to eat dinner and I had to go. She even invited my roommates, what a sweetheart. Soon my laundry dry had been done and I changed and packed quickly. The group gathered downstairs and we went someplace local for pasta and wine. It was a great dinner but after too many glasses of wine it was hard to count all the money together to pay the check. We all went to the bar and started drinking. My drink for the night was a Moscow Mule. A very limey bitter drink with a sweet taste for sugar. Tonight the event for the bar was burlesque and we didn't know what was in store for us. So a couple hours went by and the show was about to start. The show started off with the speaker telling us the performer was a shy fairy from a far away land and we should be nice. To my horror a scantily clad italian man step out with a hoot a hoop and started to dance. Luckily another pale but long arm stretched from behind the curtain for the hoop and out emerged a beautiful tall red head. She did her performance and was actually very tasteful and not vulgar at all. The show ended and the stage turned into a dance scene. We all danced for a whole but called it a night soon. I had a great time in rome the yellow and will probably got back just to party. The friends I made were all so wonderful and made rome awesome. Tommorow I travel to Florence.

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."-Anaïs Nin

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