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museums and starving artists

Today I wanted to take it easy and get some museums knocked out of the way. The weather was rainy, but not enough to keep me Indoors. I did have to bring out my backpack waterproof poncho which is a really smart buy especially if you don't want electronics or important documents getting soaked. I walked for about an hour into centraal amsterdams crazy roads and canal pathways. Until I finally reached the one thing I wanted a picture of. It was the (I amsterdam) sign even though it was raining I managed to take a pictures with my phone. Luckily right around the corner was the Van Gogh museum. The line was insane but it is what it is. One thing I don't agree with is how close Europeans are willing to get close to you so that the line may seem shorter. Maybe it me being aggressive because I enjoy my personal bubble especially getting out of the navy and being in a boat for 8 months. All you can do is just wait patiently because at one point you have to realize they want to see the museum too. So the museum was packed but I rented an Interactive samsung s4 tour guide (wow this thing is nice maybe I should steal it ). After walking for a better part of the hour around learning about how this starving artist became so talented a nd how he explored many different types of Art to not having enough money to buy new canvas. He at one point Started to paint behind other canvases to cut costs. He also had an allowance but between paint and brushes he was usually broke. After learning lots of fascinating facts and history I was hungry so back out I went. Amsterdam has an Interesting vending machine fast food system. The joint had 50 small heated glass compartments each with its own food and cost. All you do is pay 1-2 euro and pick the window and out comes a hot burger, chicken burger, mystery fried good etc....This to me is probably the cheapest way of eating here and it's not bad at all. While eating my 2 euro chicken burger I decided to go see the Anne Frank museum and once again the line was an hour or so long. They did have wifi and the rain let up. Of course like many museum you cannot take pictures of the museum or its articles so you have to see to enjoy. The museum did a spectacular job teaching you how she and her family lived and what emotions ran through on a daily basis. To me Anne Frank is always going to be a sad story but it's good to know so that the world may never fall into such calamity again. Finally I walked around ate some more snacks and sat down to rest my feet. It was starting to get pretty late but I managed to wander into some commotion involving what I'm guessing Holland's soccer team. Hooligans and drunks alike were chanting and just having a good time. The police on the other hand were on edge and performed random backpack checks (I'm guessing for weapons).I happened to get checked but jus nodded my head in confusion because I did not speak the local tongue. I then went on my way into the thick of it and got some pretty good recordings. I also walked though Chinatown and some street that reminded me of the Wan Chai district in Hong Kong. Finally I called it because the next day I have a train to catch going to Brugge.

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."
-Gustave Flaubert.

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