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I'll Sleep When I Die

Sleeping... and lack there of

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As I arrived at the airport in Istanbul I had maybe slept 4 hours the night prior.

When you experience time changes on the boat in the Navy, it hurts but its not too bad. On an international flight, they close all the windows and maybe 5 hours later it is bright as day again! So when I stepped on to the terminal transfer gate, I looked at the time in my phone and it was only 9 or 10 am (in Texas) but 6pm in Istanbul. This airport reminds me of the movie The Fifth Element when the main characters board the space craft towards the cruise liner. It was by all means an International Mecca, and the duty free stores were actually as big as malls. I waited patiently for the next flight and boarded at 8 PM Istanbul time. On the transit back west I gained an hour back, so I was all messed up from the jet lag. I soon gained my heading when I unloaded the plane and went to baggage claim.

While I was walking towards the visa checkpoint I thought wouldn't it be hilarious if the officer asked me what I wanted to do in Amsterdam and I would reply, "Party and rock on." Now, I would never usually say such stupid things... but I'm trying to be more gutsy when it comes to certain things. I almost didn't attempt it, but when the moment came I said it so casually that the officer got caught off guard and gave a cheeky smile. He then asked when I would be leaving and I told him I would be backpacking Europe and that Italy was next he gave me a very American "Cool, man." I then got my 1 bag from baggage claim and took a taxi to the hostel Meininger.

Side note: This is probably the last time I take a taxi in Europe. We drove 15 miles and it cost me 40 euro!

Checking into the hostel was pretty simple and the receptionists are really kind. Now here is where it gets interesting... I forgot to mention that in a hostel, most of the dorm rooms are mixed (meaning co-ed). I completely forgot that, and stepped into a 2 bed dorm room. Don't worry, I soon realized who my roommate was... a guy from Portugal. I then showered and unpacked what little I had and attempted to sleep. 3 hours later I was still awake. So now I'm eating breakfast. I'll get some sleep later on. Maybe when I go back to the states.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."- Augustine of Hippo

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First steps into the unknown

One step at a time

We begin this epic adventure on a rural countryside in northern Nordic lands where Norse gods reign. Dragons, trolls, and beasties of every kind roam the plains while humanity builds their defenses and strongholds....... that would be an awesome way to start a blog. But this is real life.

This trip has been in the works for the last 2 years and while I won't go into detail about all the places I would have liked to go to... I'll settle for telling you about a couple of countries first on my list. We start this journey in Texas where the weather today was dramatic to say the least and I am arriving at the Intercontinental airport by means of car (all thanks to my lovely aunt accompanied by her sweet daughter Danielle). I haven't traveled abroad in about 5-6 years by plane so checking into the gate and getting scanned was fun. I already knew the rules and tips about getting scanned. I was walking through TSA without being hassled compared to my foreign counterparts who believed that the evil TSA agents were after them and all of their loot. I sat down near my gate and had a jack and coke to calm any previous nerves I had. After a while, I was pretty dead set on not turning back and just calling it quits.

Now I'm on the plane and let me tell you, I for one am thoroughly impressed with Turkish airlines. To this day, I had revered Continental airlines for being the best and the most bang for your buck. But, the last time I was in continental airlines I was 11 years old and I got a hot cookie just for being in first class when we flew from Africa to the States. The ticket that I bought was purchased on cheapoair and was fairly reasonable. Yeah, I'm in economy class, kind of in the back of the plane... but you're served a turkish pastry along with a hot towel etc. Then we are given a small drink with some fruit preservatives. Then we got the dinner menu. I opted for a "Tris Di Pasta" which is mushroom ravioli, spinach gnocchi, and rigatoni with a tomato parmesan sauce. As a salad you get a cucumber yogurts salad with queso fresco and fresh tomato slices... and a brownie hahahaha.

While I was eating I watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. Wow. What a great movie! Now, I'm no movie buff or amazing Rotten Tomatoes critic but the movie was fantastic. One on my list of definite "I will buy in the future so that my kids in the future can watch" picks. It's about a man living a mind numbing desk job life, and his eccentric day dreams of what life could be like. When you stop and think "what if I took that left turn?" or "what if I went to that alternative rock concert?" while you're stuck baking in the sun. It shows that life has lost a lot of its magic. Back then, you could spend your youth on a crusade through different countries or just vagabonding through America. A lot of people today are just fine living out there ordinary lives in one place and nothing else.

I say GO FORTH AND VENTURE. Live all the what-ifs and uncertainties. In other words, like a great man (Daniel Galicki) once told me, "You should never put your ideas and plans on hiatus. Otherwise, that hiatus will turn into another hiatus period and you will never be content with what you have and have done now."

"If You Can You Should" -Sundayfundayz.

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