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Islands of murano, Burano and Torcello

Glass blowing and islands

sunny 21 °C

The next day in florence I wanted to walk around locally and just take pictures.  This morning I was particularly from for yesterday's steak and didn't really want breakfast. So I pack my day pack and headed out. I immediately knew were to go and walked straight to the biggest plaza in florence. The people here are very quite and calm Compared to the robust and very lively Romans. People go about doing their daily routine not really wanting to notice the lost tourist or just people being in the way. I walked by a really big open air market and wandered into a mercato which was full of fresh fish, vegetables,  and pastries. After walking a while u worked up an appetite and started for the free samples. Bread with truffle oil, local sauces for pastas, apple pies, cheese, hams, and some fruit. I settled for a small piece of artichoke pizza. It really good but hot at the same time. I walked out of the market and into the largest leather market in flornce. It may look shady but the quality is very high here. I almost wanted to buy a pair of leather shoes, but 8 don't have any room. Maybe next time I'll come to florence to to buy some clothes. I ended up buying a pretty interest bracelet that you have to wrap 6 times till you can latch it. I walked to the main plaza and it was full of tourists the exhibitions were all lines out the door and it was beginning to get hot. So I walked past the canal and found a very cool bridge. It was a very old and wide bridge that wend really high. Not because of the suspension system but because it had houses and stores built on its sides. I walked closer to it and saw is had 3 big arches in the middle peering into the canals middle. I walked on it and all the stores sere selling gold jewelry and very expensive accessories. 2 minutes into walking on it I noticed this bridge was used in one of the assassin's creed games. Only because I played that level so many times. In the middle was a statue of I'm guessing the builder and all over the bars had been covered with locks. Another love bridge I'm guessing. People or locals usually put locks on these bridges to show that this bridge will be here for a long time just like their love. I went to the other side were it was less packed by tourists and not too much to see. I did happen to see a man made Veach on this side of the canal but you could swim because the current was too strong. There was also a rowing school and students had to row a great length of the canal and back. I walked by it and it was already beginning to be late and I had to go back to the hostel and pack for my travel to Venice.  I crossed another bridge and  walked back through the plaza. I came a across a store called Geox and they sell shoes with vents in the bottoms. I usually don't by thing out of the blue like that but the chuck Taylors that I had did not breath at all and actually started to.
Smell really bad even though I spray them with shoe spray religiously.  So I bought a pair and threw them away. I didn't want to but now they were dead weight. RIP chuck taylors. I walked very lively now with a spring in my step because for once my feet felt nice and cool. I walked back to the hostel and began to pack for venice. After I packed I took a shower and slept immediately until something buzzed loudly by my ear. I woke up and tuned my lmao on only to find that one of my room mates was asleep and the other 2 were gone. I the. Moved my lamp to look for what made the noise and saw it. The bane of my now sleepless night. A mosquito! I killed it swiftly and saw another one so I ended it's life aswell. I thought that was the end of it but then when I moved my light towards the ceiling and saw them..... The alien eyes just looking down on me and I don't know what they see and or sense maybe it's my skin they smell or maybe they can sense the pulsating of blood in my veins. I tried to lay as still as possible hoping not to agitate them any further and slowly they came again small buzzing here and there. The would not stop I slept under my cover for what seemed like hours but had only been minutes. I heard my roommates arrive and it may be evil but I hoped the carnivore would find new prey to feast upon. After they had fallen asleep I heard them no more for a long time and I finally slept. I woke up with the horror fix sound yet again hours later and decided to go to the bathroom send barricade myself Inside with my phone and charger. It was almost 7am so I decide fo take a quick shower and just leave quickly. When I checked out I told the hostel they had a mosquito problem and left. I took the morning train to venice using my eurail pass and sat in a bullet train for 2 hours until I arrived in venice. My hostel had a pretty large paragraph of directions to get to the hostel. So bit by bit I followed them I went towards the back of a neighborhood. Behind sports park and under an overpass. The hostel was Plus Camp Jolly and had a 3 bed tent for 7 euro a night. I went to check in and left my pack inside the tent and locked it. I took the bus towards the heart of old venice and wandered around. The glass sculptures and masks were everywhere. Venice has a very old feel to it and I want to buy everything here. From the mutant glass art down to the fountain pens and paper notebooks. I also developed a serious sweet tooth here. Instead of eating food I ate gelato of all kinds, macaroons, caneloni, pastries, and slushies. I need to stop eating so many sweets or all have a lot of cavities..... meh your only young once hahahaha. I walked trough the streets in a wander and found saint marcos plaza. I had been here when I was very little while on vacation with my family and it felt good reliving a memory. It was beginning to be very late and i had to do laundry bad. So i started walking in the direction back to the bus station.  I somehow walked for and hour and ended up on the other side of the canal looking at the plaza i was just in. I backtracked i it took me alot longer that i thought to find the station. Venice was probably the most miles i have walked wandering around, but everything that I saw had a but of art to it. From the canal with the line of parked Gondolas to the street with balconies and ladies reading books from them. I made it back to the hostel and finally got to wash my clothes. my roomate was a guy from Serbia who had a hundred questions about amercia and how much everything costs and what it's like to live there. I was happy to a answer all of his question and talk about life. He was here on business/vacation he buys old cars. Fixes them and resells them in Serbia cheap. He doesn't make too much money but he is happy with his job. Soon i finished and went to bed.

"A good holiday is one that is spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours."-J.B. Priestley

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Chuck Norris shot and partying.

9 am is never too early to start drinking

sunny 20 °C

I woke up starving and walked into the Yellow bar for breakfast. The breakfast here is the best bang for your buck and Irish coffee is great to wake up too. While eating I overheard a guy talking about dress blues and I asked him if he was name. He said he was a corpsman and he was stationed in Italy. He then gifted me with a Chuck Norris shot. The drink is not for the faint of heart and if you cringe or make a face you down another one. The concoction consists of half Zambuca, quarter Jaegher, quarter absinthe and a shot of Tabasco sauce. Somehow I powered through it and suffered after. I ended up sitting there drinking alot more and got a more shots. Today I was supposed to try the tour again but half inebriated I noticed I had stayed too long. I had 10 Minutes to get for the Castro Pietro station to Circo Maximo station. Running in subways in a foreign country while under the influence is fun...but I don't recommend it. I made it to the tour spot and once again no body showed up. So I asked the tour guide which way to the vatican. He showed me the right direction and 8 ended up walking all of the alcohol off. Got some good pictures and walked back towards the city. I wandered around and walked into Campo de Fiori. Which is another open air market but since it was already afternoon most of the shops had closed so I walked back towards the Vatican to catch the tram back to the hostel seeing as how the day was kinda slow because it was Sunday. I walked into the bar and met 2 girls from Ireland that I had met earlier taking the chuck Norris shots. They were all drinking and somehow I got stuck drinking aswell. Soon the group had turned into the girls from Ireland (which are really fun to drunk with) a girl from Chile who had lived in the hostel for w long time and had come back to visit. A french girl from who was very ladylike when it had come to drinking and overall apprrance, and a guy from Oregon who had a few to many already but was good to hang around with. We all drank and shared stories and told jokes, having the best of times. Tonight at the bar the event was some band from the stars was playing folk music. They were called Red Rooster and we're actually really good. The mood was being made better by our drunk friend from Oregon. Apparently the music was signing to his vibes and he had a hoot just yelling and dancing along. It got late and I was exhausted from drinking pretty much all day long. I saw the girls leave one by one and left with Oregon. We said our goodbyes and all went to bed.

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."-Anaïs Nin

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Train rides and pub crawls part 2

In bruges

overcast 18 °C

The first pub we went to was called The Crash. A very metal genre pub with a dark mysticism about it. The bartender was once just a bar back and had just bought the bar from the owner that night. So tonight was a special night for him. He was preparing absinthe for the locals and made all the drinks discounted. The pun crawl chaperone looked rastafari and said he was from Jamaica. After a couple of drinks he came forward and told us its just an act and he was from phillie. Today was also a special day for him because it was his last ever pub crawl because his visa was expiring and he was going to go back to the states. Apparently he got the job when he was backpacking and he just kind of fell in love with the locale and stayed. The second bar we went to was pretty big and also had a hole in the wall feel. In the back there were 5 pool tables but we're full of people. Along the pub crawl I met a cat from spain and his name for the night was Espania. I also met a Malaysian guy and his friend who were around 19 years old just backpacking and drinking. Espania came over to the table that I was drinking and told me all the people that were back there were kids and they all drank and smoked. The hilarity of this suggestion made me curios so I had to investigate. I heard one of the very young girls who was drinking her beer speak Spanish and I told her I wasn't a creeper but I was curios how old the kids were she replied she was 16 and some others were 16-17. Apparently it was a school trip from spain and it was legal to drink for them. I learned soon enough that in bruge yoi can drink at a very early age and smoke but you cannot drink hard liquor until 18. After finding that out were crawled unto the next bar saw that the dance floor had a shower head on the ceiling. Somehow we got the bartender to turn in on and we danced the night away. Soon we all left and I had somehow been separated in bruges at night. The worst possible thing happen to me while drunk. Somehow I saw Espania also wandering around and we both found the hostel. I managed to climb into my bed and pass out. The next day I woke up extremely sore and just wanted to rest but ate breakfast with the group and had a great time just telling stories and future plans. One By One They all left to they're next destination and we all bid farwell. I made a friend from the UK who wanted to climb the tower that day. So I joined her and we talked a lot along the way and saw the sights. Climbing the tower was interesting because the stairs spiral at an extreme angle and everyone wants to go up and down at the same time. The top of the tower had the musical chime room that coordinated mechanically how the 36+ bells would ring and play a song(very steampunk). After spending about an hour up and down the tower we wandered back to the hostel and start and ate some go made sandwiches we all prepped in the bar. That evening we want back out to take some pictures during the night and I believe that bruges at night is way better for pictures. We called it a night early due to being hungover and I slept like a rock.

Also belgian beer is very strong I do not suggest you drink too many while pub crawling.

"There are no strangers in here, just friends you haven't met..."- Roald Dahl

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