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9 am is never too early to start drinking

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I woke up starving and walked into the Yellow bar for breakfast. The breakfast here is the best bang for your buck and Irish coffee is great to wake up too. While eating I overheard a guy talking about dress blues and I asked him if he was name. He said he was a corpsman and he was stationed in Italy. He then gifted me with a Chuck Norris shot. The drink is not for the faint of heart and if you cringe or make a face you down another one. The concoction consists of half Zambuca, quarter Jaegher, quarter absinthe and a shot of Tabasco sauce. Somehow I powered through it and suffered after. I ended up sitting there drinking alot more and got a more shots. Today I was supposed to try the tour again but half inebriated I noticed I had stayed too long. I had 10 Minutes to get for the Castro Pietro station to Circo Maximo station. Running in subways in a foreign country while under the influence is fun...but I don't recommend it. I made it to the tour spot and once again no body showed up. So I asked the tour guide which way to the vatican. He showed me the right direction and 8 ended up walking all of the alcohol off. Got some good pictures and walked back towards the city. I wandered around and walked into Campo de Fiori. Which is another open air market but since it was already afternoon most of the shops had closed so I walked back towards the Vatican to catch the tram back to the hostel seeing as how the day was kinda slow because it was Sunday. I walked into the bar and met 2 girls from Ireland that I had met earlier taking the chuck Norris shots. They were all drinking and somehow I got stuck drinking aswell. Soon the group had turned into the girls from Ireland (which are really fun to drunk with) a girl from Chile who had lived in the hostel for w long time and had come back to visit. A french girl from who was very ladylike when it had come to drinking and overall apprrance, and a guy from Oregon who had a few to many already but was good to hang around with. We all drank and shared stories and told jokes, having the best of times. Tonight at the bar the event was some band from the stars was playing folk music. They were called Red Rooster and we're actually really good. The mood was being made better by our drunk friend from Oregon. Apparently the music was signing to his vibes and he had a hoot just yelling and dancing along. It got late and I was exhausted from drinking pretty much all day long. I saw the girls leave one by one and left with Oregon. We said our goodbyes and all went to bed.

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls."-Anaïs Nin

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