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The craziness that is koningsda

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So I woke up fairly early to get a head start on the day to see what this big event was all about. I went to the local metro which is like 1 minute away crowd.t to centraal which is the center of the hub bub I was staying on the east side where it is quite. I started drinking fairly early but couldn't seem go get drunk because there was so much to do and I'm pretty sure I was burning it all walking cause all you seem to do in amsterdam is wander and explore. So today is probably the biggest garage sale in the world if you live here you sold things you don't want or need anymore or sell beverages and food right outside your door. Also if you're drinking your part of the crowd. Youre probably still wondering why i titled the blog panda..
Heres why.So sometime in the craziness that I'd koningsda I somehow got persuaded into buy a panda one sie that I wore for the better half of the day. I mean cmon how awesome is a furry panda getting drunk. It was pretty awesome getting so many cheers and free beer but I handled myself accordingly. Being in the state that I got the munchies and man does amsterdam have amazing waffles and pancakes. Unfortunately as the evening progressed and the crowd started turning into a drunken mass of un-passables I got hit hard by the jetlag. I dragged my tired and beaten corpse back to the hostel and slept like a rock. Today more walking!

"Today was good. Today was fun. Tommorow is another on"- Dr Seuss.

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